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Available in 10 and 30 mil thickness; as well as Premier Plus (Composite PVC) cards, available in 30 mil thickness. (30 mil cards = 0.76 mm, 10 mil cards = 0.25 mm)

  • Zebra Premier Cards (PVC)

  • Zebra Premier Plus Cards (Composite PVC)


Monochrome Resin Ribbons

  • Can be used on all Zebra printers. They are available in a variety of colors. Colors include black, red, green, blue, yellow, gold, silver, white, and scratch-off gray.

Multi-panel Color Ribbons

  • 6 Panel ribbon (YMCKOK) is ideal for printing a full color card on one side and monochrome on the back. For use with the P400, P420, P500/P520, or P600.

  • 5 Panel ribbon (YMCKO) is designed for full color printing on one or two sides. It can be used with all of the Zebra color printers.

  • 4 Panel ribbon (YMCK) is designed for use with the P500/P520 printer/laminator. A clear protective overcoat (O) panel is not necessary because the P500/P520 laminate patch provides sufficient protection.

  • 3 Panel ribbon (YMC) is designed for printing full color on one station; clear protective overcoats or laminates can be applied at the second station (P500/P520 or P600 models) if needed.

  • 2 Panel black dye-sublimation ribbon (K dye + O) is one panel of black and one panel of clear protective overcoat. This ribbon is optimal for printing photo quality, black and white images.

Varnish Overlay and Laminating Ribbons


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