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The P205 is a small, lightweight, easy to use monochrome card printer.

  • High speed printing, 900 cards/hour, edge to edge, monochrome

  • 300 dpi (11.8 dots/mm) print resolution

  • Small footprint


The P210 is a small, lightweight, and easy to use full color card printer.

  • High speed printing, 120 cards/hour edge-to-edge in full color (YMCKO) throughput

  • 300 dpi (11.8 dots/mm) print resolution

  • Small footprint

The P310 series is ideal for applications requiring production of monochrome (310F) or full-color (310C) plastic cards.

  • High speed printing, 1000 cards/hour (310F) monochrome or 144 cards/hour edge-to-edge in full color (YMCKO) (310C)

  • Small footprint

  • Color dye sublimation or monochrome thermal transfer printing

The P320 is an intelligent, robust, single sided plastic card printer with an LCD display. Ideally suited for printing on Proximity Cards.

  • High speed printing: 144 cards/hour for color, single side (YMCKO) or 900 cards/hour for resin black (K)

  • Security: Programmable passcode, hardware key lock

  • Advanced RFID Technology

  • Automatic Driver Configuration

  • Intelligent Color Optimization

  • Ribbon Image Counter & Ribbon

  • Low Notification

  • Enhanced Ribbon Formulation


The P420 plastic card printer is highly versatile, and designed for high volume printing of dual-sided plastic cards in color. Dual-Sided, Edge-to-Edge Color Card Printing.

  • High speed printing, over 102 cards/hour edge-to-edge in full color (YMCKO/K) throughput

  • 4MB image memory standard

  • Standard card flip over feature for dual sided printing

  • Reject Card Hopper

The P520 is a robust, high-speed card printer designed to quickly produce ISO flat cards for high durability and secure applications.

  • Dual-Sided color card printer with built-in laminator

  • Dual process system (while one card prints second card is laminated)

  • Card cooling system produces true ISO flatness of laminated cards

  • Enclosed 100 (30mil) card capacity card feeder that can be opened during operation for continuous throughput

The P720 printer with built-in wasteless and linerless laminator produces high definition, full color, dual-sided, laminated plastic cards.

  • Dual-Sided Color Card Printer with Advanced “One-Pass” Dual-Sided Laminator for Durable, Secure Long-life Cards.

  • High speed printing and laminating, over 120 cards/hour with dual sided lamination (YMCK/K w/1.0 mil laminate)

  • iQ™ Laminate Ribbon System (auto ribbon detection system)

  • Card Output Hopper capacity: 100 cards (30 mil)

  • 4MB of Standard Memory

  • Reject Card Box Feature detects any printing & encoding errors


All printers come with:

  • 2 MB image memory standard

  • One year printer warranty

  • One year printhead warranty (unlimited passes)



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