Prox-eLock Single Door Solutions

Stand-Alone Programmable Proximity (RFID) Lock System




  • Does not require a computer to program access

  • Cost-effective add-on solution for most existing control systems

  • Detachable reader and controller unit for higher security requirement

  • Easily installed with terminal blocks and very straightforward setup

  • Simple operation with highly secured card enrollment scheme via function cards: ADMIN, ADD SUPERVISOR, ADD, DELETE and user definable password card

  • Supervisor lock mode allows lock/unlocking the access entry to any standard user for a desirable period


  • User definable password card 

  • Shunt alarm 

  • Tamper switch and Door-forced-open alarm 

  • P.I.R. input 

  • Anti-passback and Door ajar 

  • Door exit switch and Door open sensor switch 

  • Programmable door open and ajar durations 

  • Recognizes over 4 billion unique codes from the industrial standard Wiegand readers (HID or Indala) 

  • Flexible to detach the reader from the controller unit for higher security requirement

  • Supports both HID and lndala readers 

  • Stores up to 2000 users in FLASH memory

  • Direct output real-time stamped audit trail transactions to Eltron printer

Prox-eLockô gives you an independent and affordable access solution for your business.  The system allows the gate keeper to program access permission to standard proximity (RFID) cards at the site.  It does not require the use of a computer for this process.  Adding and deleting people can be done instantly.  You can integrate Prox-eLockô to our existing network or use this independently.  


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