Innovative Internet Gaming System Enters Las Vegas Marketplace

(Las Vegas) – California engineering firm VT Tech has developed one of the most innovative technology applications for interactive gaming that allows casinos to offer both live and interactive gaming

The system allows casinos to have virtually an unlimited number of players per game, allows players to play multiple games simultaneously, and offers live interaction between the players and with the dealers.

The system is designed to instantly transmit the value of the card or dice so the players can view them immediately on their computers either with or without live video. This “detection” technology provides an infallible technique that prevents any misinformation or mistakes by the dealer, according to VT Tech’s Board Member, Son Vuong.

“The system is unique in many ways as it readily adapts to a variety of casino games. When cards are dealt, the system, and not the dealer, automatically determines whether each player wins or loses. This means that a casino can scale a game to accept wagers from virtually an unlimited number of players, both remote and at the table itself,” Vuong says. “The casinos are very interested in this concept because they can utilize the system for both live and virtual gaming from multiple tables while meeting anticipated interactive gaming regulations.”

According to Vuong, “with this technology, players from around the world can play in Las Vegas casinos from their personal computers. They can log on to a casino site via the Internet, browse the casino tables and choose where they want to play.” For example, the Internet player can then place a roulette bet and then transfer to a blackjack table to place another bet there as well. Through an established casino credit line or possibly a credit card, they can constantly roam the casino, place bets and rotate tables as often as they like independent of the actual rate of play at a particular table, Vuong says.

The system is a state regulator’s dream because the play can be monitored automatically in real time with the added capability to recreate how the cards were dealt and determine whether wagers were properly paid for regulatory review. “This system provides advanced state-of-the-art quality of control and management for regulators and casino operators,” Vuong says. He adds “the fairness, integrity and manner of play and payouts is determined objectively with this technology so that Nevada and other reputable gaming jurisdictions may maintain their well-earned reputation for fairness and genuine excitement.”

The system is protected under an issued patent, several pending patent applications and copyrights, according to Los Angeles patent attorney, Craig Shinners. VT Tech is not yet a licensed manufacturer of casino gaming devices, but develops technology available for license to enable casinos to quickly implement innovative interactive gaming systems.

VT TECH owns U.S. Patent No. 5,762,552, which issued in 1998, that addresses issues relating to live and virtual interactive gaming from remote locations over network architecture, such as the Internet or virtual private networks. This exciting new technology solves complex problems associated with transmitting the action and the results direct from the casino to large numbers of off-site players.


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